Our Expertise

Our difference is our extended services. We don’t just come up with the ideas or provide you product. We are able to collaborate with your team and other service providers to deliver an end to end solution.

We believe in the turn-key way of doing things. Whether that means bringing in the best new print technology, researching and mastering new materials and techniques, or conceptualizing and providing recommendations about your space at the design phase, we internalize each of these values to create a first-rate solution for our clients.

Our soft services help to fulfill our projects end-to-end. We sweat the details to always deliver on-time and on budget.

Strategy & Planning

We know that forward-thinking and proven concepts are the backbone of every successful project. Our clients tell us that we are their “solution people”. Our experiences with some of the largest retailers, corporate clients, and sporting events from around the world allow us to bring your vision to life and deliver solutions that are ground-breaking and unique to our industry.

Creative & Design

We’re sharp, creative people dedicated to managing, designing, producing and implementing world-class Look programs. Our talented team includes strategic planners, passionate creative people, rigorous engineers, dynamic project managers, resourceful problem solvers and of course the reliable guys who produce and install.

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State-of-the-art Print Production

With more than 3500 square meters world-class facility that includes a comprehensive design studio, CAD/3D modeling, engineering and lighting, fabrication capabilities, installation equipment and tools, 2,000 square meters of warehouse space, and a state of the art textile digital printing operation in the Middle East, we are well equipped to tackle any project – from the smallest detail to the biggest sizes.

Survey & Scoping

Our scoping and survey experts collect specific details to assure that a perfectly tailored solution is achieved for your projects unique requirements. Once the “how” is determined, a final visualization image can be produced to be sure that you are satisfied with the final results.

Project Management & Execution

Look certified technicians professionally install each project utilizing proprietary techniques perfected throughout thousands of unique installations. Regardless of the project size or complexity, you can be assured that our trained project managers and installers will skillfully perform your installation to your complete satisfaction.

Innovative Hardware

Our uniquely engineered hardware solutions securely, fashionably and reliably display your HD printed images. From the robust structural style Look-Hardware used for large sports stadiums and outdoor applications to the fine invisible style Look-Ware used in retail showrooms, corporate reception areas or household rooms – we have specifically designed a unique hardware solution for every application.

Flags & Flagpole Solutions

Top quality flags and accessories beautifully constructed and accurately produced to standards. The Look Company is the best source for Flags, flag-poles, and accessories in Qatar.

We feature everything you need for a flag at your home, school, office or any occasion. From national flags, hardware, poles, and accessories to custom prints, we can help you show your pride with everything you need to install and fly your flag yourself.

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Let us help you connect with your fans & customers.

We’re a worldwide company with office and satellite locations throughout Canada, the U.S., and the Middle East. Anywhere you are, we’re there to help, so let’s connect!