Make an Impact with Lightboxes

Lightboxes can be made to any custom size, from space-saving slim designs to seamless corner boxes. Our hardware is designed and manufactured in-house giving you the creative freedom to design custom solutions to engage your audience and elevate your brand experience.

Thinnest Lightboxes

The 50mm (2”) profile lightbox is half the depth of a standard 100mm (4”) lightbox. The thinner profile allows the lightbox to be wall-mounted or integrated into display systems.

  • Build lightboxes into product display units without reducing shelving area
  • Easily assemble on-site and save on shipping costs
  • Combine both backlit and non-lit components in your overall design

Our Frames

We offer a wide range of lightbox solutions all produced to custom sizes and shapes with a variety of hanging, wall mounting or self standing options.

  • One-Sided, Light Guided Plate
  • One-Sided, Backlit
  • One or Two-sided, Perimeter Lit
  • One or Two-sided Corner
  • Lightbox Pillars and Halos

LED Light System

The Next Generation LED system is available in all of our lightbox product offerings in either backlit or perimeter for double-sided or corner lightboxes. It disperses light across the entire graphic, reducing light loss, and is configured with a high color rendering index (CRI), providing a true white light source

60% less power consumption compared to our first generation LEDs.

Light Up Any Space

Use lightboxes to increase audience engagement by illuminating brand images and messaging in malls, auto and retail showrooms, restaurants, conference centers, health clubs, offices, grocery stores, meeting rooms, hotels, stadiums, airports, arenas, shopping centers, colleges & universities, theatres or any other indoor space.